Partition & Creative Ceiling Design

Partition and false ceiling contracting

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Crative Painting & Design

Painting contracting with suiteable pakages

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Wall paper fixing & Design Services

Wall paper fixing services available.

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Modern Ceiling & Design Services

Modern ceiling for luxry home and offices.

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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning services

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About us

Muhammad Dosa Technical Services LLC is based at Dubai, United Arab Emirates and understanding of UAE market dynamics.Specialized in general Air conditioning services, Electrical, Plumbing, Ventilation & air filtration systems Installation and maintenance,Electromechanical equipment Installation and maintenance, Lighting, Wall paper fixing services available and painting contracting with suiteable pakages. we offer services that are individually tailored to our clients’ needs.

We have design each facilities service solution exclusively to meet the individual requirements and each environment. Client satisfaction is our success and we have executed various projects complete satisfaction of our clients across UAE and neighboring countries.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your company, assisting in your maintenance and repair needs.


MDTS LLC is a dynamic and exciting organization and we are constantly looking for the best candidates to join our team. As a leading facilities services company, we are always looking for individuals with the intelligence, talent, and skills required in contributing to our growth and success in mechanical, electrical, and paint including all other services.

We are looking for quality talent on the following:

1- General Manager
2- Project Manager
3- Site Supervisor
4- Technical Staff (Electrical, Plumbing, Woodworks)

If you are interested working in a challenging environment, get in touch with us..

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Muhammad Dosa Technical Service have hundreds of satisfied clients in and around UAE. Our office cleaning, and maintenance expertise means you can focus on your business, assured that Muhammad Dosa Technical Service can handle the "dirty work" for you or your tenants. Muhammad Dosa Technical Service one of the largest facility management services providers in the United Arab Emirates

We offer state-of-the-art, dependable building maintenance services cost effectively. Our substantial base of long-term clients demonstrates the importance that we place on building enduring relationships. As an Muhammad Dosa Technical Service client, you have the advantage of obtaining multiple services under one contract with a single point of contact, making it easy for you to outsource these functions without administrative headaches. We provide any combination of services on a local, regional or national basis.

In everything we do, you’ll see how we’ve earned a reputation for integrity and high levels of performance. For the next 100 years, we’re dedicated to maintaining that reputation and keeping our clients happy

We work hard to understand our client exact requirements: Air conditioning, Electricity Transmission ,Ventilation & Air Filtration,Electromechanical Equipment,Plumbing & Sanitary,Painting Contracting,Carpentry & Flooring,Wall Paper,Partition & Ceiling,Engraving & Ornamentation and Plaster & Cladding. We appreciate and believe that every client is unique, which is why we also appreciate that your needs may differ. Creating the perfect partnership is the key to enabling us to deliver the perfect results. Gaining your trust through our industry knowledge and candid approach, we will adapt our services to meet your requirements and offer relevant flexibility to meet your needs. The level of our service will never be compromised and we always aim to deliver on time

Our mission to fulfill the client requirements within time. Now client can be call at any time and within 24/hours our company reply you any technology method you can send me requirement our worker will be there within time.


Our Services

We offer a huge range of designs and we do the best to fit your budget and aesthetic expectations.
All types of technical services i.g., soft ceiling, gypsum false ceiling, gypsum drywall lining, sound proofing gypsum partitions, bulk heads, hidden lights, coving and decorative cornice, plastering, painting works, PVC wall paneling, Tiling, Construction Alterations and so on.

Repair and maintain, Energy Management System (EMS), Fire alarm systems, Elevators, Automated clock systems in buildings Plumbing fixtures, Renovate restrooms, Repair and replace ceiling tiles, floor coverings, and dispensers.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning services.

Electricity Transmission

Elecricity transmission and control apparatus Installment.

Ventilation & Air Filtration

Ventilation & air filtration systems Installation and maintenance.

Electromechanical Equipment

Electromechanical equipment Installation and maintenance.

Plumbing & Sanitary

Plumbing and sanitary contracting with suiteable pakages.

Painting Contracting

Painting contracting with suiteable pakages.

Carpentry & Flooring

Carpentry and flooring Contracting services.

Wall Paper fixing

Wall paper fixing services available.

Partition & Ceiling

Partition and false ceiling contracting.

Engraving & Omamentation

Engraving and Omamentation work services.

Plaster & Cladding

Plaster and Cladding work services available.

Cleaning services

Cleaning houses and offices services are available there.

Our Pakages

Our Mission is to serve our valued customer with competitive prices and best quality. We want to fulfill the requirement of our customer for any how. You feel free and used these Quality services with your expected budget. Our company provided you the Guarentee of prices for every class pakages Emergency ,Quarterly ,Biannually and Annually.

Silver Pakages
AED 3500 /mo
  • Ventilation & Air filtration
  • Elecromehnical equipment
  • Painting
  • Carpentry & Flooring
  • Plaster & Cladding
  • Cleaning
Gold Pakages
AED 4300 /mo
  • Air conditioning
  • Electricity transmission
  • Plumbing & Sanitary
  • Wall paper fixing
  • Partition & Ceiling
  • Engraving & Ornamentation
Exclusive Pakages
AED 6000 /mo
  • Electricity transmission
  • Plumbing & Sanitary
  • Partition & Ceiling
  • Engraving & Ornamentation
  • Ventilation & Air filtration
  • Elecromehnical equipment

Whats Client Say

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Md technical services company provided services within time and relaiable company.

Bernice Neumann, Superviser
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This company is honestly working and Quick services with cost effectiveness.

Mr.Khalid , Markeeting manager
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Md technical services company provided reliable services,Take responsibilty to complete it within time.

Michel, Civil Engineer

Latest News

MDTechnical Service update all news for our client.Now you can easily know about new services and company schedual for working.